RISHENG Compressed Air Treatment Manufacturer – Welcome to visit us at stand G229 H1-4 PCV Expro 2018


Established in 1992, Hangzhou Risheng Decontamination Co., Ltd specialised in design, manufacturing and sales of compressed air treatment products. We specialised in application for oil and gas ,steel manufacturing,chemical,semiconductor, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, transportation, military . With our in-depth technical, committed and professional group of engineers, we are able to provide customise solutions to meet the stringent requirement beside the standard products. To-date, Risheng has supplied more than 20,000 compressed air dryers all around the world and we have the best performance for export in its industry within China. Over the years Risheng has become a technology innovation-based enterprise with the highest innovative capability, consistent product quality and designing energy efficient product. More information: www.risheng.com,Welcome to visit our booth no.G229 HALL 1-4  Crocus Expo from 23-25 Oct.2018.


Risheng Product Line

  • Compressed Air Filters and Filter Elements
  • Refrigeration Air Dryers
  • Adsorption Air Dryers
  • Risheng RSXW heatless adsorption air dryer
  • Risheng RSXJ heated adsorption air dryer
  • Risheng RSXB blower purge adsorption air dryer
  • Risheng RSXY HOC Heat of Compression adsorption air dryer


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