Zhongke Innovation Technology will meet you in Moscow’s NDT Russia Exhibition 2018


In the autumn of 2017, Zhongke Innovation Technology exhibited in NDT Russia, they presented the 32:32 Ultrasonic phased array, A/B/C/D scanning integrated flaw detector and dual display TOF

Exhibition product display


32:32 Ultrasonic phased array, A/B/C/D scanning integrated flaw detector


Dual display TOFD

Zhongke Innovation Technology is a non-destructive testing equipment manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights established in 1988. It is a science and technology enterprise affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


The performance index of all the core testing products of the company is fully in conformity with the EU authoritative inspection agency certification standard. The company has developed into China ultrasonic nondestructive testing industry in the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, the most powerful type of product system is the most complete, the most massive application of customer groups and business models, have conventional detection equipment, high-end imaging equipment and all kinds of automation testing equipment and many other leading China ultrasonic nondestructive detection technology development direction of the core product system, form the automatic detection system, the design of R & D and manufacturing to site installation commissioning and training of the whole industry chain layout from the portable manual detection products.


Zhongke Innovation Technology is a special market users provide customized and personalized services, to help the petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, aviation, aerospace, military, automotive, energy, new materials and other industries continue to improve technology, improve product quality.


Zhongke Innovation Technology takes part in different NDT exhibitions around the world every year. ITE’s NDT Russia is one of the professional exhibitions in Russia and CIS countries. It involves various kinds of testing and measuring equipment.


NDT Russia exhibition has brought business opportunities to Zhongke Innovation Technology. On Oct. 23-25th 2018, Zhongke Innovation Technology will exhibit at NDT Russia again and will always be committed to providing all kinds of non-destructive testing solutions and applications for the market users with comprehensive and efficient, stable and reliable, safe and environmental protection.